The Holy Gospel According to St. Matthew

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Matthew 1:18-24 God’s intervention in the birth of Jesus.

Matthew 2:1-12 Visit of the magi.

Matthew 3:13-17 Baptism of Jesus.

Matthew 4:1-11 Jesus overcomes temptation.

Matthew 4:12-17 Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Matthew 5:17-26 Jesus is the fulfillment of law

Matthew 5:27-32 Be holy

Matthew 6:1-8 ;16-18 Fasting, Charity, Prayer

Matthew 6:19-24 Keep the treasure in heaven

Matthew 7:15-27 The True Disciple.

Mathew 8:5-13 Healing of Centurion's Servant

Matthew 8:23-34 Even the winds and the sea obey Him.

Matthew 9:27-38 Pray to the Lord of the harvest

Matthew 9:35-10:4 He sends the Apostles among the sheep that have no shepherd

Matthew 10:1-15 The twelve disciples

Matthew 10:34-42 He who does not take up his cross and follow me is not fit for me.

Matthew 12:1-13 The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.

Matthew 13:1-9,18-23 Bear fruit, hearing the Word of God.

Matthew 13:24-30 – 36-43 Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds

Matthew 13 :44-52 The growth of the Kingdom of God

Matthew 15:21-28 The faith of the Canaanite woman.

Matthew 16:13-19 I will build my church on this rock.

Matthew 17:14-21 Everything possible for those whobelieve.

Matthew 18:1-9 Who is great in heaven?

Matthew 19:23-30 Apostles sitting on twelve thrones.

Matthew 20:1-16 The Workers in the Vineyard.

Matthew 20:17-28 The first among you must be the servant of the all.

Matthew 21: 1-17 Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

Matthew 21:33-44 The Parable of the Tenants.

Matthew 22:23-33 He is God not of the dead, but of the living.

Matthew 22:41-46 Christ sits at the right side of God.

Matthew 24:29-36 The sign of the Son of man.

Matthew 25:1-13 Those who were ready entered the bridal chamber.

Matthew 25:14-30 Entrusted Talents.

Matthew 26:26-30 Institution of the Holy Eucharist.

Matthew 28:16-20 I will be with you till end of the world